Monday, December 05, 2005


I suppose I will have to make the assumption that someone apart from myself will read this one poor sod, taking an interest in my inane ramblings.

My day job is sysadmin'ing a bunch of Solaris machines for a local arm of a multinational company.

Outside of work, part of my "copious" spare time is spent hacking on NetBSD. I am a NetBSD developer and originally was made a developer to work on curses after submitting a patch that added the SYSV style keypad functionality to BSD curses. I have added more bits and pieces to curses and have done complete reimplementations of the ETI (Extended Terminal Interface) libraries libmenu and libform. Lately, I have turned into a wannabe kernel hacker by implementinging verified exec (veriexec) which is a unique security feature that of all the open source OS's, only NetBSD has - it prevents trojans and other executables from running and ensures what you do run is what you expect you are running... along with a bunch of other features. I am currently trying to clean up some patches that extend veriexec to the executable page level. I had this working fine but, unfortunately, only for filesystems that used the generic get pages function (genfs_getpages()). Making the feature available at a more universal level is causing some interesting times as I grapple with more of UVM's guts.


Richard said...

Oh no you dont! Thought you could slip through without being noticed eh! I can lay claim to the 1st comment on thy blog! cheerio..

rcn said...


I wonder if you have any recommendations for people like me that would like to understand some of the netbsd kernel. Any comment would be highly appreciated :)